Early 1990s was when all of us got locked up

Early 1990s was when all of us got locked up. When they cleaned Highland out, that’s when 21st Street formed, Murder Mob, Hilltop Hustlers, Monroe Street. All them started forming. The Beaufort County Sheriff Office is investigating an arson and attempted murder case, stemming from a weekend house fire in Burton. On Saturday, sheriff deputies responded to the residence off of Pine Grove Road. The man who called 911 reported seeing his wife set the garage of the home he had been staying in at another location, on fire.

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So unless I am asked directly for advice on any subject, and by directly, I mean, “Mom, what do you think I/we should do?”, not just telling me about a problem or challenge they face, I am not offering any. I can trust them to live their lives without me at the helm. They’re doing a great job, both my sons as adults and my newlyweds.

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