The youth of this country are beginning to understand that it

While a study conducted last decade included some information about the impact tolls could have on funding I 73, Wooten said it was a “shoestring approach” that lacked detail and now is outdated. The new study would provide an analysis of how much bonding capacity could be supported with interstate tolls. Both the state legislature and the federal government have approved using tolls as a means to fund I 73 construction..

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It is the common man using the tools that modern technology has made affordable that has exposed this, not the mainstream media which seems to have forgotten or neglected its usefulness as a check and balance on the power of government. The youth of this country are beginning to understand that it is up to the citizenry to protect their own rights, that no one else will do it for them and that those entrusted with such a duty will only run roughshod over them if given half a chance. That is why we are seeing the old media dying, a new media springing to life to replace it and those in power becoming afraid.

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